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How To Find A Piano Mover

When finding a piano mover you want to make sure to find one who is reliable and trustworthy. Pianos are heavy, delicate and quite expensive. That is why hiring a professional is often the best choice to protecting your investment. They have the tools and experience necessary in making your piano’s move a success. will provide you with different quotes so that you may choose the mover that is right for you. Just fill in a few simple questions and watch the quotes roll in.

When Selecting a Piano Mover Ask Questions

  • iStock_000010562547XSmallPricing and charges. What are the moving charges? Ask to see what factors go into determining the price and if there are any additional fees. Many companies will charge one of two ways: either hourly or a flat fee. The distance, type of piano and whether stairs are involved all factor in.
  • Ask about insurance. A reputable company will have insurance in place to guard your treasures during transit, in case of property damage, or injuries. Therefore it is always a good idea to make sure this in place. Not all companies are insured the same and it is up to YOU to know the value of your piano and whether or not it can be covered.
  • Ask for a Department of Transportation number. This will give you another avenue to research and review the company.
  • Ask if their staff is trained. This is an important question since pianos can weigh anywhere from 400-1500 lbs. and requires experienced movers.

 Other Ways of Finding a Piano Mover

  • Ask your local piano dealer. They may know a reputable company they have used before.
  • Check Angie’s List. This website is useful in that it verifies all complaints and comments on companies to prevent them from reporting on their own companies or competitors.
  • Ask a moving company. Moving companies typically have recommendations of piano movers in your area.