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How To Move A Piano

Pianos are heavy, delicate and quite expensive. That is why hiring a professional mover is often the best choice to moving your piano. When finding a company you want to make sure to find one that is reliable and trustworthy. See How to Find a Piano Mover.

Getting Started

Whether you choose to move the piano yourself or hire a professional mover however will require the same tools.

  • Furniture dolly
  • Tape
  • Wrapping/Blankets/or Piano Cover
  • Furniture pads
  • Stair ramp
  • Cargo or Moving Straps
  • Truck
  • People – This is very important as the pianos can weigh anywhere from 400-1500 lbs. gives you multiple professional mover quotes in seconds. Just fill out the few questions listed and let them come to you. See how Piano Movers can help you today!

Selecting a Professional Piano Mover

On selecting a professional piano mover make sure to do your homework. Research and ask questions.

Price is always important when competitors are competing for your business but they may not all have the same charges or insurance. It is up to YOU to know the value of the piano and to make sure that the movers are insured enough to cover any damages. The cost is usually accumulated one of two ways: hourly or a flat rate.

Factors That Can Affect Rates

  • Type of piano. Is it upright or a grand piano?
  • Number of stairs. It is a good idea to have this information on hand while obtaining a quote. The landing counts as one step. Also take note of any bends in the staircase. The mover may want a count of both the stairs inside and outside of the residence.
  • Distance traveled. How far is the piano to be moved and is the pathway clear? For example: a sidewalk vs. grass or gravel.
  • Turnaround time. How soon is the piano needing to be moved?

Moving the Piano Yourself

If you decide you cannot afford to have a professional piano mover and choose to make the move yourself – be sure you have the right tools and manpower for the job. See Moving a Piano Yourself.